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hyugahealer3's Journal

15 March
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Uh let's see. My name is Corey. I like country music. (The World Just lost all faith in my musical taste. I have WAY too much time on my hands. I'm a creepy stalker. I like manga and anime of any kind except for Uzumaki. Creepy stuff guys creepy stuff. I'm I Toushiou Hitsugaya and Shinji Hirako fangirl. I collect things from around the world including Money, dolls, jewelry, and instruments. I wanted to play flute but discovered I fail at it. I play Bassoon. Yes I play the dorkiest instrument ever. I love cracked out books. I support many pairings. I am a hard core KiraHina shipper. I like potatoes. I have polish, native american, irish, and russian ansestors.